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Protect your assets effectively

C.B.2000 safes has been specialising in security equipment for over 30 years.

We protect your property, all your important documents and your computer data against fire, theft, or both. Whether you're a professional or individual, we find the solution for you.

Our products are

Our products

  • Safes Custom
  • Cases theft
  • Safes standarts
  • Safes Floor
  • Cases firearms
  • Cases for computer hardware
  • Modular Vaults
  • metal shelving
  • cash drawers
  • Workbooks
  • Hardware
  • Locks
  • Other materials Security

Our services

  •  Sale and buy old and new products

    The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of safes and filing cabinets of superior quality. Different models are available, please choose what suits your needs on our catalog page

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  •  Rental of safety products

    You need a safe for a convention, exhibition, lounge. For one day, a week or a few months ... We offer rental of safety equipment. Come meet us a great choice awaits you for your most valuable assets!

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  •  Storing your assets

    Security Expert for three decades, we offer storage of your property through our high quality safety device. Make store your assets and be free from any trouble!

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